CyberPet - The 1st ever Aptos PetVerse©, a NFT Game of your own adorable pets in the virtual world (Metaverse)
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CyberPet - Virtual NFT Pets of your own! We presents you with an addicting and amusing Play To Earn game on Aptos Chain (APT)
Each CyberPet is a digital version of your real pet that requires a lot of care, and it is your responsibility to provide the finest care possible. Feed, dress up, take care of, and fight with other pets to earn CPM token (Cyber Pet Money)
Bring your pets to the exotic gallery and dress him up in a fashionable manner. Don't forget to construct a perfect home for your adorable pet. To make the pet house attractive, pleasant, and comfortable, customize and decorate it with a large variety of internal decorations.
If you've ever wanted to raise a cat, a dog, or any other creature, this game is for you. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Make your NFT CyberPet the happiest virtual pet by adopting him!
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