The Arena

This is the place where your pets battle with other pets (PvP mode)
Prior to a battle, your enemy will be selected randomly from all available pets of other users
You need to own at least 1 weapon to join a battle
There is an index for each pet calculated as the following formula
PetScore = En + Po + In + Ag
En: Endurance
Po: Power
In: Intelligence
Ag: Agility
Each pet has a special attribute called Counter
For example: A Cat has a Dog as a Counter, if this Cat fights against that Dog, then the PetScore of the Cat decreases 10%
The total score of all items that equipped to your Pet is ItemScore
(Details of items can be found at the Items list)
The Arena also supports score boosting by using the NFT Cards, this index called NFTScore (Details of NFT Cards can be found at the NFT Cards)
The TotalScore of each pet is calculated as the following formula
TotalScore = PetScore + ItemScore + NFTScore
Pet with higher TotalScore will have a higher chance to win in a battle
Each victory upon a battle will have a reward of +500 CPM
The fee for each battle is -10 Energy & -5 Health
If your Pet's Health level is less than 5, it cannot continue to fight and you need to bring your pet to the Hospital to refill the Health
Anytime, you can take your pet to the Coffee Shop to get power up
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