The Pets

There are 6 Pets of the game: Cat, Doge, Hamster, Honey Badger, Lion & Panda
Each pet has some special characteristics:
  • Agility: Range from 0 to 250
  • Endurance: Range from 0 to 250
  • Intelligence: Range from 0 to 250
  • Power: Range from 0 to 250
  • Health: Range from 0 to 100
  • Energy: Range from 0 to 100
CAT: She is very lovely, she has a pair of beautiful eyes and two ears. Her legs are very short, her tail is short,too. She is also very capable. She could everywhere catching mice,that makes my home is always very clean and safe.
DOGE: Inspired by the legendary Doge coin, now you can play with the real Doge and get reward for the care of your Doge
HAMSTER: The adorable tiny creatures have a huge capacity for storing food (and other items) in their jaws.
They also have a lot of energy (when they're not sleeping), and when they're not running around their cage, they're generally putting miles on their tires.
PANDA: Giant pandas have black and white fur. They have black circle around their eyes, just like raccoons
HONEY BADGER: Also known as ratels, are related to skunks, otters, ferrets, and other badgers. These voracious omnivores get their name from their fondness for feeding on honey and honeybee larvae.
LION: Known as king of the Jungle. The lion is a huge cat belonging to the Panthera genus that is found in Africa and India. It has a strong physique with a deep chest, a short, rounded head, round ears, and a hairy tuft on the end of its tail.
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