How to play

To participate in the CyberPet game, you need
  • Own CPG (CyberPet Gold) and CPM (CyberPet Money)
  • Use CPG to buy pets and CPM to buy items, upgrade and revive your pets.
  • CPM & CPM can be deposited using the built in BANK of the game
  • Adopt your Pet and watch it grow
  • DRESS up a multitude of outfits to make your pets look their best! Just the way you want!
  • FEED with candies, cookies, fruit, pizza or even sushi for a party
  • REVIVE your pets in the hospital if they are tired or out of energy
  • GYM your pets to keep them healthy and happy
  • DECORATE all the rooms of pets' house with dozens of amazing items
  • TRAIN your pets at school to get new skills
  • SHOP for your pets to purchase various items include: Clothers, Hats, Shoes, Bags, Amulets, Devices, Weapons, Equipment
  • CAFE shops for your pets to refill energy
  • PART TIME/FULL TIME JOBS for your pets to earn more CPM